In March 1876, Alexander Graham Bell‘s words, “I want to see you” were clearly understood for the first time over the telephone.  Since that time, technology has come a long way.  Almost full circle. A digital circle in a sense.  Back to the days of the telegraph.  The digital telegraph world through texting with one liners, dots and dashes that can be misleading, misinterpreted, misunderstood, even misspelled.  But words, once said, once heard, carry such powerful meaning.  They touch. They tickle.  They hurt.  They heal.  They are firm. Permanent. So why not make them meaningful? Be intentional.

I plan on being intentional.  I have challenged myself with a purpose. A goal. A reason to use meaningful words. I have a lot of catching up and making up to do.  I am embarrassed to admit this but I have not only gone days, weeks, months but actually a year without speaking to my mother.  Yes, you read that right.  I went a whole year without speaking to my mother.  It may not have been 365 actual calendar days but it certainly felt like it to both of us and it was definitely close to 365 days give or take a few.  That was years ago and we too, thank goodness, have come a long way as well.

After spending the past 23 days taking care of her during a terrible congestive heart failure scare, I realize now more than ever how quickly things can change.  Don’t wait until tomorrow to say the things or do the things you want to do today.

While staying with her, we watched the movie Julie and Julia THREE times. The movie is what inspired this challenge.  I look forward to calling my mother every day.  But like Julie,  I need to have a goal to follow through with my task.  So, I chose Mother’s Day 2015 which is only 152 days away at the time of this post.  Which means I will get to talk to her at least 152 times before this task is completed. We will both be very proud!  What a great gift to her and to me!

On a side note:To count down from 152 sounds depressing or even morbid to me. I would rather count up.  There could always be another goal, another Mother’s Day, another Thanksgiving, another Christmas….

So if you are reading this blog, stop now.  Go call your mother. Do not text her or email her… CALL HER!

Making memories~