After picking up my eleven year old daughter, Brooke, from The Dance Gallery, I decided to spend a little quality girl time by taking an evening trip to Sprouts Farmers Market.  I knew she would be excited to pick out her favorite blueberry scones for breakfast the next morning.  I couldn’t help but notice how quiet she had been since I had returned from taking care of my mother. As I parked the car, I took a moment to tell her how much I truly love her, I’ve missed her and how much I cherish these special times with her.  Then the wheels started to turn.

In just the three weeks I had been away from her she had so many questions for me and stories to tell me that we usually talk about daily…..things I won’t share here because they are just between a mother and daughter but things I thank God that she feels comfortable enough to ask me. To tell me.  To confide in me.

We talked. We shared. We giggled.  We belly laughed. We teared up.  We held hands.  Brooke was back and so were we. The we that we are when we are together.  All it took was a few minutes to catch up on a few weeks of “lost” moments together.

And that is just how it is between a mother and a daughter.  Or that is how it should be. No matter how much time is lost. No matter how much hurt.  No matter how busy.  No matter what.  There is a connection that cannot be replaced. Cannot be matched. Cannot be taken away.  Cannot be forgotten.

I know when the role reversal takes place for us as it is taking place for my mother and me, I too will be in very good and loving hands.  Like me, she will call me to get my daily blood pressure and heart rate stats or whatever the issue may be.  She will check to see if I am resting too much or not enough.  She will check to see if I am eating and drinking what I am supposed to and then reminisce of old and carry on of new.

Like me, between the telephone calls to me…her mother, Jesus Calling Daily Devotionals, prayers, talks with Jesus and Google research… by the way, the best so far is Focus On The Family‘s series, called Caring for Ill or Aging Parents (it is wonderful) she too, will be loving her family unconditionally and always; allowing them to let their light shine ever so brightly through the gentles breezes and the struggles.

Making memories~