The day started with anticipation.  A big appointment was to take place at 2:00 PM.  I knew more than one phone call would occur.  This was the first time my mother would meet with her new cardiologist outside the hospital room without me.

I hated not being able to be with her.  I knew some information would be difficult to hear or maybe even difficult to understand.  The information has been explained many times but it just isn’t sinking in for some reason.  Resistance? Denial? I was thankful I could at least be on conference call during the appointment.

My first call to her was at 8:15 AM my time, 7:15 AM her time, right after I dropped off my children at school.  I wanted to hear her voice.  Assess her mood.  See if I could notice any anxiety.  But all was good.  She was looking forward to getting ready.  She was excited.  This was a positive sign!

She hustled me off the phone with love telling me she would talk to me after the appointment.   Knowing I had two other doctor appointments scheduled for my girls she wished me well and we were off on our days.

2:00 PM could not arrive quickly enough as I finished one motherly duty at my oldest doctor’s appointment, and sat down for the conference call for my next “motherly duty” only to realize it was 1:oo PM in New Mexico! First disappointment of the day.

Off to shower… Wait.. Not enough time for a shower… Second disappointment of the day…kind of.

Third disappointment of the day…my mother didn’t like her doctor, how the appointment went, the news she received…any of it.

Great news at Brooke’s appointment.  No broken fingers.  Whew!

Off to make dinner…

Fourth disappointment of the day…at times my children have absolutely no table manners WHAT SO EVER.  They make sounds I never knew were possible. Eat in ways I never imagined. But, the best part of it all… we laughed so hard at one another we were all in tears. Our tummy’s hurt.  The smiles…the smiles were magical.  I wouldn’t change any of it and I’m so grateful I was here to see it.

Making memories~