I woke up with memory issues.  Memories bombarding my every thought.  Oh what to do on days like this?

First step: pray. Second step: coffee with bible.  Third step: My morning motherly duties. Fourth step: Call my mother.  Final step: Clean while listening to Barbara Streisand’s Greatest Hits.  That’s right.  I said clean.  I have been in an extreme cleaning mood lately.  Almost like “nesting.”  Getting ready for a new phase on life.

The choice of music might also be surprising.  It jolted me for a moment too.  My memory, mostly. On almost any given morning when I was in elementary school, I could hear one of my mother’s large selection of vinyl records playing.  Usually, it was Barbara Streisand or Neil Diamond.

A sign of maturity I guess.  A better choice of word than “Old Age”.  I like it.  I welcome it.  I read about maturity in James 1:4  this morning.

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. (NIV)

During the process of cleaning, I decided to touch up paint nicks on our walls.  As I was covering up specs: some large, some small;  I thought about how similar the last few weeks of my life had been to touching up the blemishes on wall.

With just a small amount of effort the blemishes were covered up; never to be seen again.  Only a memory.  How did it get there? Who made it? Was I too busy growling about the the spec on the wall to notice the excitement that caused it?

I needed today.  A day for touch ups.  A day to touch up some memories that is.

Making memories~