The brain, the body, even relationships need exercise to stay fit.  A good workout that is.  If they stay stagnant they get stale.  That is why people set goals when trying to stay on a fitness program of any type. To be consistent.  Hold themselves accountable.  Count down, tally up….whatever the case may be.

Brain games such as cognitfit, fit brains by Rosetta Stone and memory games by lumosity can be found online to stimulate the brain. Some sort of gym or trainer can be easily accessible for most people in America. But relationships…relationships take a different kind of effort.  A two way effort that involves both the brain and parts of the body.

Relationships that are one sided aren’t healthy and don’t last. I’m thankful today.  Thankful for two-way conversations that are filled with with questions, memories, laughter. Welcomed thoughts. Not only listening on one end but both ends.  Which means not only talking on one end but both ends. A two-way relationship.  A healthy relationship.

An answered prayer.  Something that I have prayed about for many years.  God knew my heart’s desire even when I didn’t have the words.

"God knows our hearts."
“God knows our hearts.”

If your thinking, “I’ll just leave a quick message.  That counts for the challenge.”  Think again.  You are missing the point.  That is cheating. Cheating yourself.  Cheating the one on the other end of the receiver.  Cheating those watching. Observing.  The ones that will one day be calling you.

Making memories~