A day of errors and do overs.  I’ve been looking forward to today for quite some time.  Today is “cut and color” day and boy does my hair need it! It has been far too long.  It’s time for a do over.

This week is crazy busy with all the scheduled and unscheduled events to get ready for Christmas break so I can’t afford any mix-ups, tardies or errors.

Oops! I should not have said that.  I know better.

I talked to my mother for several minutes this morning before asking about her blood pressure only to find out that it is so low the cuff can’t read it correctly.  Instead, it gives an “error” code.  Wait just a minute.  I said I couldn’t have errors today.  Not even electronic ones.

Stop right there Mr. Blood Pressure cuff.  Do your job.  Give me a reading and it better be a good one.  Don’t make me come through this phone.  I’ve got things to do and an appointment with some bleach!

Whew…finally.  A good reading.  Well, a reading at least.  Not the numbers we hoped for but at least not an error.  Something to go with.  Something to work off of.  A do over.

By evening time, there was one more do over for the day.  A chance to recover from another error. A major flop in the kitchen.  The last time I made chicken ‘n dumplings, the dumplings well…… were….let’s just say not really dumplings….or anything for that matter.

So I was determined to recover. Recover greatly I might add.

My mother had passed down the cookware of all cookware.  A key lime green Le Creuset pot.  How could I possibly go wrong?  So I called a friend for back up tips…. just in case. (Thanks Jo!)

The results. Fabulous.

Great blood pressure. (For my mom and for me.)

Great hair.

Great dinner.

Mistakes are best if you learn from them.

Making memories~