Nostalgia. Pride. Love…

Growing up in West Texas, I remember the smell, the emotion, the sounds of Friday Night Lights. Even the wind feels different in the stands and on the field during a football game.

I remember the first time I donned that Columbia blue and white cheerleading outfit and set foot out on the Greenwood field to cheer for my Rangers.

All those memories don’t even compare to the happiness that filled my heart watching my baby girl all dressed up and cheering at her very first game for the Lubbock Christian School Eagles.

She was good.  Really good.  No, she was great!

I hear parents saying they wish time would slow down.  I don’t feel that way. I love every season. I love the new memories. The new milestones. But most of all, I love Brooke Elizabeth Taylor.

Let me hear ya shout, “Brooke!”