Jennifer Poss Taylor Author/Speaker
Jennifer Poss Taylor

Jennifer Poss Taylor is an author and speaker who promotes awareness in infertility and adoption.  She also provides Christian mentoring to those families with special needs such as bipolar, fetal alcohol syndrome, autism and Asperger syndrome.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in human development and family studies from Texas Tech University.  Jennifer has spoken to parents, educators, physicians, and family life trainers about the only birth defect that is one hundred percent preventable, fetal alcohol syndrome.  She also speaks on the sought after topic, “Don’t Let The Diagnosis Hide The Gift”  regarding the hidden gifts of autism.

At the age of sixteen, Jennifer was told she could not have children of her own. The news changed her life, but never challenged her faith.  By sharing personal details in Forfeiting All Sanity; A Mother’s Story of Raising A Child With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, she opened the hearts of families across the globe raising children with special needs.

In her next book, Faith Above Statistics, Jennifer shares how God is bigger than any diagnosis due out in 2015.  Jennifer’s stories are written like a personal letter from a friend to give strength to those who have given up hope.  Her books have been recommended throughout the globe on news stations, radio stations, blog reviews, and featured in newspapers throughout Texas.

She lives in Lubbock, Texas with her husband, David, of almost fifteen years and their three children Ashley, Grant and Brooke.  They travel and speak together when possible.

Family book signing in Corpus Christi, Texas
Family book signing in Corpus Christi, Texas