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Have you called your mother today? Day 24 of 152…The Night of The Final Countdown

A Time For Everything    Ecclesiastes 3:1-11
A Time For Everything
Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

The day started off difficult from the time her swollen, discolored feet hit the floor. Her oxygen levels were low. Her blood pressure was low. She was retaining fluid and struggling to breathe.

Her sense of humor however, was well intact and on the rise. She made that clear during the daily weight maintenance routine as she managed to scoot the scale across the kitchen floor several times to re-weigh until she found a weight that satisfied her. She let us know by stating, “There! That’s the way I like it.”

Seeing her boisterous personality made New Year’s Eve a happy day for all of us. Even if another possible trip to Christus St. Vincent was the ‘elephant in the room‘. The day was full of monitoring her levels and peaked with raising her oxygen tank at an all time high.

The countdown to the drop of the Waterford Crystal Ball in Times Square was ticking away on NBC’s Dick Clark‘s Rockin’ Eve (even though it is now hosted with Ryan Seacrest) and so were the hours where everyone would be awake to watch Mommy sleep through the night; counting the seconds between each long pause before the next breath.

I decided to sleep on the couch with her.  At one point she put her perfectly manicured hand on my leg while we both dozed off.  Memories again began to flutter through my head. I slept with my mother for pretty much the first ten to twelve years of my life.  It was just the two of us most of that time. I can remember staying up to watch which celebrity Johnny Carson would have on The Tonight Show or which guest animal would pee on him! I enjoyed laughing along with her at Carol Burnett‘s silly antics on The Carol Burnett Show which also came on way too late for me to be up.

Memories… I know my children and I are making memories each and every day but which ones will stand out most to them forty, fifty, sixty years down the road when the roles are reversed? When they are taking care of me or when they are telling my grand babies stories of their mother. The thoughts make me smile. Happy smiles. Sincere smiles. Smiles that make me GLOW because I know that I am allowing God’s light to shine through me for Him and they see that. I also know that my mother sees that during this time of hers.

We went through so many things together: My mother and I. It only seems fitting to be going through this together too. Literally. Together. On the same couch. Counting down the same seconds of 2014, together.

Making memories~


Have you called your mother today? Day 22 of 152… A Time To Refresh

Create a time to refresh~not just the toes
Create a time to refresh~not just the toes

It’s a treat not to have to call my mother on days when I get to sit right beside her and have meaningful conversations face to face.  I enjoy not having to discuss her medical condition all the time.  Today we enjoyed a little girl time.  I was able to give her a mini-pedicure. I haven’t done that in thirty years!

She keeps flexing her toes to admire the freshly shaped nails and color.  All girls enjoy having pretty toes! Right? Right!

I have several friends who remember spending the night with me when I was younger who also remember painting my mother’s toenails at the sleepover.  Funny! I wonder how she bribed us into doing that?

New goal-Spend more time with my girls painting toenails…not at the spa but at home.  Create time..time to cleanse, time to refresh…not just the toes.

Once again. Memories. They settle in so deeply that you forget about them for years until a tiny wisp brings them back up for air. Could it be an angel fluttering by? My imagination would like to think so.

Making memories~



Have you called your mother today? Day 13 of 152…The Game of Life

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.
Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 1 Timothy 6:12

I was talking to her early this morning as I heard all the giggles and fast footsteps of four little girls running on very little sleep scurrying up and down the stairs.

It brought back many memories of playing with friends.  They were going from make believe with American Girl dolls, to talking about real life 4th grade things to playing board games.  The game of choice today… The Game Of Life.

Ironic? Appropriate? Fitting.

A game full of choices.  Decisions. Facing consequences or reaping the rewards based on the path you select.  Hmmm.  Much like real life.

If you choose one road, you may face a rocky, uphill difficult climb to get to your final destination. If you choose a different path, it may have curves and turns or a few hurdles before you get to your final destination.  In the end, you are at the same location if you fight the good fight….Finish the race….Persevere.

Which road are you on? Are you willing to keep fighting the good fight to get to the end? The glorious eternal end of no more difficulty?

Then pick out your car color and repeat after me if you truly, TRULY are ready in your heart to live your life for Jesus. You will still have bumps, hurdles and curves but He will be with you along the way. He will never leave you and He will be waiting for you in the end. If you make mistakes along the way. He will forgive you and love you unconditionally.  There is none other.

“Dear Lord, I, (insert name), am ready to fight the good fight for you Lord.  I admit I have made mistakes.  I admit I have sinned.  I understand I will still make mistakes knowingly and unknowingly but I want to live for you and about you. I want to race toward you Lord.  I believe in you Lord. I thank you Lord for loving me.  For dying for me. I want to shine my light for you Lord from this day forward. Thank you Lord for giving me a road directly to you Lord. It is in your holy name I pray. Amen.”

I believe you just pointed yourself toward eternity!

Now I have another challenge for you other than calling your mother today.  Share the good news like Billy Graham. With as many people as you possibly can. However you possibly can. Shine your light. Let others have a chance to choose their path. Be the difference.  Make a difference.

Making memories~







Have you called your mother today? Day 12 of 152…I Admit, I Didn’t

Well, I didnt.  I didn’t call her. IT WAS THE FIRST DAY I DIDN’T CALL HER!!!! The challenge was to call your mother every day until Mother’s Day 2015.  For me, there were 152 days until Mother’s Day when I started my challenge.  The count may have been different for you.  So, I missed a day.  I have talked to her more than once on many other days.  Not that that counts.  I did miss a day.  But I’m not quitting.  I’m not giving up on the challenge. I’m not giving up on my mother, this blog or this…This commitment.

It was a Friday. The day I didn’t call my mother was a Friday.  I almost made it two full weeks.  That is 14 days of the challenge. But on this particular Friday the kids once again got out of school for early dismissal because of Christmas break.  This time however, I drove my oldest out of town, my middle one needed to be picked up extra early because he could not handle the unstructured end of school environment (he has autism, or Aspergers rather) and my youngest invited her three besties to spend the night with us to watch her dance recital. Just a typical day at the Taylor House.

In the middle of all of that, David took our iphones in to AT&T to be updated and I had no service for a couple of hours…yes, while at the dance recital with four girls.  I was stressing.  What was that I said yesterday?

Embrace the moments…?!…?!…

I was definitely enjoying all the dancing and all the laughter.  Time was flying by.  I would not have traded it for the world.  As the clock was ticking, I knew that as each minute passed I was missing a chance to talk to my mother before she fell fast asleep for the evening.

I was thankful that I had talked to her only yesterday and that it had not been days or weeks or even months.  She knew what the day held for me.

So if you haven’t called your mother today and you aren’t too busy to stop and do so.  Do so.

Making memories~



Have you called your mother today? Day 11 of 152…Time To Manage Time

How is one possibly late to every single thing in one day? How is that possible? My second question is how is that possible before noon?

I wake up at 6:00 AM.  I have bible time, prayer time, coffee time, mommy duty time which includes getting the kids fed, lunches made and to school. I get home and usually have a few chores to do.

Today, I happened to have had a few extra things on my list.  I had an appointment at 9:45 AM, I had to bring a fruit tray to the class party which began at 10:15 AM and early dismissal was at 11:15 AM and my oldest got out of school at 12:40 PM.

David and I had another appointment at 1:30 PM and Grant’s piano recital was at 5:30 PM.  I was late to every single thing EXCEPT the recital thank goodness!!!!

But how??? Maybe one thing.  I could handle one thing. But everything? I’m burning at both ends rapidly and I don’t like the outcome.

My job is to take care of my children, my husband and my family including my parents.  But I can’t do that if I don’t take care of myself.  I do realize that.  I definitely don’t want to stress myself out so much trying to be super woman that I end up where I can’t take care of anyone again like I have been before.

Time to watch the warning signs. Take a deep breath. Embrace the things that matter. Like people. Prioritize the tasks that can wait. Like chores.

Making memories~



Have you called your mother today? Day 10 of 152…Errors and Do Overs

A day of errors and do overs.  I’ve been looking forward to today for quite some time.  Today is “cut and color” day and boy does my hair need it! It has been far too long.  It’s time for a do over.

This week is crazy busy with all the scheduled and unscheduled events to get ready for Christmas break so I can’t afford any mix-ups, tardies or errors.

Oops! I should not have said that.  I know better.

I talked to my mother for several minutes this morning before asking about her blood pressure only to find out that it is so low the cuff can’t read it correctly.  Instead, it gives an “error” code.  Wait just a minute.  I said I couldn’t have errors today.  Not even electronic ones.

Stop right there Mr. Blood Pressure cuff.  Do your job.  Give me a reading and it better be a good one.  Don’t make me come through this phone.  I’ve got things to do and an appointment with some bleach!

Whew…finally.  A good reading.  Well, a reading at least.  Not the numbers we hoped for but at least not an error.  Something to go with.  Something to work off of.  A do over.

By evening time, there was one more do over for the day.  A chance to recover from another error. A major flop in the kitchen.  The last time I made chicken ‘n dumplings, the dumplings well…… were….let’s just say not really dumplings….or anything for that matter.

So I was determined to recover. Recover greatly I might add.

My mother had passed down the cookware of all cookware.  A key lime green Le Creuset pot.  How could I possibly go wrong?  So I called a friend for back up tips…. just in case. (Thanks Jo!)

The results. Fabulous.

Great blood pressure. (For my mom and for me.)

Great hair.

Great dinner.

Mistakes are best if you learn from them.

Making memories~


Have you called your mother today? Day 9 of 152…Guilt and Forgiveness

Thankfulness and Joy www.SeeTheWord.Org
Thankfulness and Joy

Guilt – by definition when used as a noun, a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong, ect…

Or when used as a verb it can be more manipulative. It can be used to cause someone to feel guilty. A word similar to guilt…criminality. A word opposite of guilt…innocence.

Yep! Toss that around for a second then sit and console yourself for feeling all the things you feel guilty of.

Tonight I find myself feeling guilty of running out of time.  Although my mother and I were able to talk this morning on the phone, I relish touching base with her in the evenings to get one more check up on her daily blood pressure and heart rate stats.  Plus, I can tell just by hearing her voice if she truly feels as good as she discloses.

But tonight, my “mommy duties” at home led me in the directions of High Point Village, The Dance Gallery and 88 Keys.  As I was scurrying around Lubbock, Texas with my three blessings embracing each conversation and coveting every moment; the time ticked by quickly.

Time I will never get back with them.  Time I hope, I will always remember.  Time I hope, they will always cherish.

Although that time was precious to me, in the back of my mind, I was aware that my mother, five hours away, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was probably getting ready to fall asleep and I didn’t want to take the chance of waking her.  I missed out on one opportunity tonight and for some odd reason, I felt guilt.  Not by definition. By disappointment in myself because of mismanaging my time…I guess.

I’m hopeful my light shined in our conversation this morning.  I’m hopeful I wasn’t too tired to “GLOW” while taxing my children around town tonight. God gives us brief moments in time to spread His light whether it is through a phone call, a smile, a gesture, an action…

I’m sure I didn’t actually run out of time tonight.  I’m sure there could always be more time. More opportunities.  I’m also sure God didn’t create guilt!

Stupid guilt!

Looking forward to a good night of rest. Thankful for forgiveness.

Making memories~


Have you called your mother today? Day 8 of 152…A Relationship Needs Exercise

The brain, the body, even relationships need exercise to stay fit.  A good workout that is.  If they stay stagnant they get stale.  That is why people set goals when trying to stay on a fitness program of any type. To be consistent.  Hold themselves accountable.  Count down, tally up….whatever the case may be.

Brain games such as cognitfit, fit brains by Rosetta Stone and memory games by lumosity can be found online to stimulate the brain. Some sort of gym or trainer can be easily accessible for most people in America. But relationships…relationships take a different kind of effort.  A two way effort that involves both the brain and parts of the body.

Relationships that are one sided aren’t healthy and don’t last. I’m thankful today.  Thankful for two-way conversations that are filled with with questions, memories, laughter. Welcomed thoughts. Not only listening on one end but both ends.  Which means not only talking on one end but both ends. A two-way relationship.  A healthy relationship.

An answered prayer.  Something that I have prayed about for many years.  God knew my heart’s desire even when I didn’t have the words.

"God knows our hearts."
“God knows our hearts.”

If your thinking, “I’ll just leave a quick message.  That counts for the challenge.”  Think again.  You are missing the point.  That is cheating. Cheating yourself.  Cheating the one on the other end of the receiver.  Cheating those watching. Observing.  The ones that will one day be calling you.

Making memories~



Have you called your mother today? Day 7 of 152…Make A Difference

Are you contributing daily?

It’s not only about calling your mother every day.  It’s not about the call.  It’s about being a daughter. A mother. A sister. A friend. A woman. A child. Whoever you are. Make a difference. Glow. Shine a light. Your light. The light. His light through you.

Matthew 7:12 (NIV) So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

How many more days until Mother’s Day~ For you newcomers see Day 1

Making memories~


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